julio 06, 2007

Los nuevos líderes

Quaff: Drink with relish

Qualms: Misgiving; uneasy fear especially about matters of conscience

Quandary: Dilemma

Quarry: Victim; object of a hunt

Quarry: Dig into prosaic [A] imaginative; provident [A] rash!

Queasy: Easily nauseated; squeamish

Querulous: Fretful Whining.

Quibble: Minor objection or complaint

Quiescent: At rest, dormant; caprice; whim

Quiver: Case for arrows; tremble; shake

Quizzical: Teasing; bantering; mocking, curious

"Rumsfeld quipped: More people shoot at me in DC than in Bagdad"

2 comentarios:

Master Zen dijo...

Pues entonces que bombardeen DC!!!

Reva Doiss dijo...

Buen punto, mi estimado. Saludos